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Green Village La Cala

Green Village La Cala

Green Village La Cala

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Luxury, Contemporary Villas - from only €625.000

Completely surrounded by golf courses with 60 holes of golf, La Cala is officially recognised by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation as the largest golf complex in the country.

In ever changing times, the needs of current residential lifestyles demand contemporary homes of higher standards; comfortable, open plan and spacious living whilst sensitive to the surrounding environment are uppermost in the needs of today´s sophisticated residents.

Ecological & Comfortable

This is an ecologically friendly project with a focus on energy efficiency, resting easily within natural surroundings.

Prestigious Location

Due to its location between the Mediterranean sea and the Mijas mountains, this urbanisation gets the best of both worlds - just being 20 minutes away from Marbella and 10 minutes away from Fuengirola.

Community Living

Phase I is a development of 13.000sqm and consists of 10 villas on private plots with garden and common areas offering space for sports or relaxing walks. Townhouses will be released on Phase II.

Green Village La Cala Golf

Villa Type 1 · 4 Beds

  • Plot: 1118m2
  • Villa: 183,25m2
  • Terrace: 79,9m2
  • Garage: 55,65m2
  • Porch: 67,26m2
  • Solarium: 61,63m2
Green Village La Cala Golf

Villa Type 2 · 4 Beds

  • Plot: 1128m2
  • Villa: 154,36m2
  • Terrace: 54,33m2
  • Garage: 50,15m2
  • Porch: 59,4m2
  • Solarium: 44,65m2
Green Village La Cala Golf

Villa Type 3 · 3 Bedrooms

  • Plot: 1669m2
  • Villa: 142,90m2
  • Terrace: 50,58m2
  • Garage: 46,75m2
  • Porch: 36,59m2
  • Solarium: 42,55m2

Green Villa La Cala

Building Structure

The building will be using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials with a low ecological impact.

Foundation and Structure

Structure built with Expandable Polystyrene Panels encased in micro-concrete with reinforced steel mesh.

Both the foundation and structure will be monitored and enforced in accordance with regulations (CTE and EHE).

Thermal Enveloping

The thermal protection will exempt from thermal bridges, through the use of our panel building system.

Adequately limit the energy demand needed to achieve thermal comfort depending on the weather, as well as their insulation characteristics and inertia, air permeability, exposure to sunlight and treating the thermal bridges to limit heat losses or gains. The U thermal transmittance value of enclosures, roofs, walls and partitions will overcome a minimum of 20% adapting to Málaga climate.


The interior layout of the houses are made with drywall system.

  • ROOF: Inverted flat roof, inaccessible.
  • FACADES: Finished mortar of water-repellent cement, screed coated and painted.

Paint and Flooring

  • Stairs: Cladding white marble Macael.
  • Ceilings: Constructed of waterproof plasterboard, coated with plastic paint.
  • Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom and Terrace Tyles: Premium porcelain stoneware floors.
  • The walls are painted in a sand/beige colour and the ceilings white.

Windows & Woodwork

  • Double glazed high quality aluminium windows.
  • Armoured main entrance doors, painted white in their interiors and with the classifications EI230 fire resistance and 30 dB sound resistance.
  • Stainless steel handles, with locks in the bathrooms and main bedroom.
  • Painted fitted wardrobes in rooms.


  • Pipe installations of premium quality according to current regulations. An electric boiler is installed with primary energy source as solar panels.
  • Underfloor water heating installed in ground and first floors with primary energy source as Bio-Mass Boiler.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fittings

  • Kitchen: fittings of premium quality included appliances.
  • Marble Worktops.
  • Bathrooms: porcelain fittings of a clear colour and premium quality.
  • Washbasin above countertop.
  • Overhead shower, bathroom taps and shower with premium quality water taps installed.

Swimming Pool

  • Foundation made of reinforced concrete.
  • Structure built with Expandable Polystyrene Panels encased.

Garage / CarPort

  • Car Park: concrete pavement.
  • Vertical surfaces in plastic paint.
  • Access doors with a remote control opening.


Isolation and Sun Protection

  • South facing overtures and facade including sun protection for summer.
  • North facing overtures dimensioning to minimise energy loss in winter.
  • East and West overtures dimensioning to control sun radiation impact.
  • Placing of eaves in south west windows covering 90% of sunlight during July and August.

Natural lighting

A proposal that prioritises natural light, using constructive resources will optimise the incidence of sunlight in the villas.

Solar thermal energy

A part of the thermal energy demand will be covered by incorporating systems that capture, storage and uses solar energy depending of the villa location characteristics.

Also included

  • Pre-installed alarm.
  • Installation of an air-conditioning system, with internal distribution ducts and external units on the roof.
  • TV antenna fittings in the living room and bedrooms.
  • Phone installation and internet access points in the living room and bedrooms.

Green Village La Cala Golf