Solar panels sun tax

Sun taxes reach record high in Mallorca Spain - MALLORCA residents who use solar power to help provide energy at home are being forced to pay more than ever before under the highly controversial ‘sun tax.’ The rates went up dramatically on January 1 meaning locals now pay an average of €40 per megawatt hour, compared to just €19 when the tax first was rolled out in 2015.

The increased charges apply to all photovoltaic (PV) installations with a total capacity of more than 10 megawatts and which feed into the public network. There are around 400 such homes and public institutions scattered around the islands.

Independent political party Mes (more for Mallorca) has said the higher tax reveals the ‘distastrous’ energy policies of the governing Popular Party in Madrid. Meanwhile the director of the official Balearic climate change body voiced his fears that the decision would put people off going solar.

Despite many countries offering people a tax incentive to choose environmentally-friendly solar power for their homes, the Spanish prime minister decided to penalise them. Opposition parties claim that Mariano Rajoy was unduly influenced by the country’s powerful energy companies.