Court Supreme says Parliament must be consulted over Brexit article 50

THE Supreme Court has rejected the government appeal against the High Court decision requiring that parliament should vote on the triggering of Article 50 of the Lisbon agreement by eight votes to three on January 24.

In summing up the decision made by the majority of 11 Supreme Court judges, Lord Neuberger explained that the overall view was that whilst the government could make decisions of this sort under most circumstances, on this occasion, as the rights of the British people would be affected, that parliament must have a say.

In addition, the judges unanimously agreed that in the case of the devolved assemblies, there was no obligation to allow them to add their approval as this was a decision to be made by the government of the United Kingdom, supported or rejected by members of parliament representing all of the UK voters.

The immediate response from the Attorney General on behalf of the government was that it was disappointed with the decision but would comply with the ruling.